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Secure Supervised Visitation Services
Supervision and Guardianship for Child Custody Visitation


Boys happy to see their long-absent parent, whose visit was facilitated by our visitation supervision service - Offering child custody visitation supervision Parents discussing court supervised visitation arrangements - Offering child custody visitation supervision Dad and stepmother spending all-too-short time with the kids, courtesy of our visitation supervision service - Offering child custody visitation supervision

Guardianship for Child Visitation
Child visits by estranged spouses or former spouses can impose worries and strains under even the best of circumstances. At Watchful Eye Supervision, we specialize in providing supervised visitation for couples sharing custody of their child or children. We make visitations possible for parents or guardians whom the courts, family services, or law enforcement have deemed as requiring supervision while in contact with a child or minor by providing strict, safe, and secure supervised conditions.

We Work Closely with the Following: 

  • Judges
  • Courts
  • Parents
  • Lawmakers
  • Attorneys
  • Therapists 
  • Social Workers
  • Family Services
  • Government Employees
  • Domestic Violence Services
  • Access Service Providers
    • Private or Nonprofit 

We Provide the Following Services: 

Supervisors • On-Site Visits • Off-Site Visits • Transitional Services
Supervised Phone Calls

Providing an Opportunity for Safely Reuniting Families
Our supervision service offers visitation options that help to facilitate continued communication and provide conditions conducive to more amicable child custody arrangements. Our knowledgeable professionals have had a wealth of experience in a wide variety of custody scenarios, and we understand the complexities involved in maintaining stable relations and conditions within the custody equation. Our ultimate goal is to help families to move forward with their lives in a manner that always keeps the children's welfare of paramount concern.
Mother spending quality time with her absent children, a visit made possible by our supervision service - Offering child custody visitation supervision

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